Next-Gen Data Analysis


A Distributed Reactive Platform

Palaamon is a high-performance computing environment that distributes data analysis workflows across a cluster of computers, for highly scalable, virtually immutable and fully replicable results.

Palaamon enables researchers to reproduce workflows of analysis using well-tagged module containers. It traces all events of an analysis and records them to a distributed ledger. Every worker container, the code it runs, and all its dependencies are stored in Palaamon's registry to ensure ultimate reproducibility.

Palaamon is developed as a pure Reactive application using state-of-art technologies. Palaamon uses cryptographic hash functions at every level of processing to guarantee final traceability and reproducibility of workflows. Users of Palaamon are able to compare results of transforms based on similarity scores of Merkle trees. Palaamon provides a service to push results signatures to distributed ledgers.

Palaamon includes a marketplace that allows any developer, statistician, or data scientist to publish her code in any coding language to the platform and get rewarded in tokens when researchers license that algorithm. Coders and researchers mutually set the terms of use, which are then enshrined in smart contacts on the distributed ledger.

Science Meets Industry

Reproducible Analysis for Open Science

Enabling new connections between scientists, industry, publishers and authorities

Data scientists and coders can create disruptive algorithms, yet can be hampered by non-optimal code execution setup.

Data science code execution results are rarely transparent or reproducible.

Palaamon guarantees immutable, reproducible data science execution using distributed ledger technologies (DLT) and containerization.

Palaamon offers a marketplace that ensures via smart contacts that the original developer of an algorithm will profit when her code is used by others.


Palaamon is in beta release and has been used successfully by select partners.

Palaamon will enable new dimensions for data analysis via our visionary platform incorporating cutting-edge technology including DLT and Smart Contracts.

The Palaamon data analysis platform will speed up the development of new medicines.

The design of Palaamon follows the Reactive Manifesto principles.

The core modules of Palaamon are open source and will always remain open source.

Big Data Analysis Marketplace

For Data Scientists

Palaamon allows users to run any kind of data analysis in a container on a big data cluster infrastructure.

Palaamon provides the hardware and software infrastructure, the hash mechanisms and the distributed ledger technologies that guarantee absolute traceability and reproducibility.

The containers will be available on the Palaamon marketplace, which functions similarly to Etsy or BeatStars.

For Data Science Coders

The Palaamon marketplace will allow any developer to upload an algorithm with its dependencies, which will then be packaged into a Palaamon worker.

The original developer of the algorithm will profit when the container is used by others.

Palaamon will provide an SDK for developers to publish and test their code on the Palaamon cluster.

Build on top of DLT

Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) enable Palaamon to ensure traceability of every step without requiring users to rely upon any central authority.

All proofs are in the DLT.

Driven by Smart contracts

Transparency, reproducibility, and ultimate determinism for data analysis will be guaranteed through DLT Smart Contracts.

Examples include : similarity score between experiment results, timed content release, blinding of experimenters, status update, submission of results to authorities, etc.



During the crowdfunding phase all Palaamon Crowdfunding Tokens (PALCFT) will be allocated to product development.

Once the Crowdfunding is completed, token owners will be able to trade their tokens against Analysis Software Market Token (ASMT). They will get two ASMT for each PALCFT. We expect the ASMT to become the reference token for Frictionless, Transparent and Reproducible Data Analysis.

Start Time

Jan 10, 2020

Token Symbol


End Time

JuL 9, 2020

Tokens Offered

100 M

Token Sale

How can you acquire PALCFT?

Buying PALCFT tokens to support the development of the Palaamon project is straightforward. It works the same way as purchasing any other token. First of all you need a Crypto wallet and for your security we recommend using a hardware wallet. The main purpose of the wallet is to keep your private keys secured and thus protect your crypto assets.

Once you have a wallet, an account number associated to your private key, you can start acquiring tokens. An easy way to do it is to use a tool like METAMASK which we are showing here.

You just need to transfer the amount of ETH you want to contribute with to the smart contract crowdfunding address of PALCFT which is


The minimum contribution is 0.1 ETH. You might need to increase the gas limit: 100 000 should be enough. Soon after completing the transfer to our crowdfunding address, your account will be credited with the corresponding number of tokens.

The rate will evolve from 4000 PALCFT/ETH at the beginning of the crowdfunding campaign to 2000 PALCFT/ETH at its end.

As the PALCFT is an ERC20 compatible token, you can trade it any time. However, we recommend you to keep your tokens until we launch the Software Analysis Market Token after the crowdfunding campaign. Indeed, at that time you will be able to claim 2 ASMT for each PALCFT token.


Road Map

LLAAMA is the company behind the Palaamon project

LLAAMA has set up very ambitious timelines and milestones for the development of the Palaamon platform



Download our documents to better understand the Palaamon project and what this crowdfunding is about.

White Paper (2019)
Two Pager(2019)
Quality & Compliance Two Pager (2019)
Crowdfunding One-Sheet(2019)



Below some answers to question you might have, If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is this project about?

Palaamon was created partially in response to a pressing need for reproducibility in research science, most specifically in the pharmaceutical industry.

Algorithmic transforms of large datasets are difficult to reproduce when various parameters (operating system, numerical libraries, calculation parameters, etc) are not identical to an original study. And reproducibility is in fact a core tenet of sound scientific inquiry.

Our aim was to create a platform that would guarantee reproducibility and provide proof of every process for review, and also be scalable – in other words extremely fast despite size of dataset or complexity of operation.

Blockchain is one specific type of what is more properly known as a distributed ledger. Simply put, distributed ledgers store records (or ledgers) of computational activity across multiple computers rather than maintaining a centralized ledger.

Essentially, distributed ledger technology (DLT) leverages the possibilities of decentralized computing for immutable data tracing and secure storage.

What is Palaamon?

Palaamon is a platform for data analysis owned and created by Llaama SAS. It enables transparent, reproducible, and frictionless transforms of large datasets via distributed ledger technology and cloud computing.

The platform is in beta, close to MVP, and the test site can be accessed at Palaamon

How does Palaamon itself function as a marketplace?

Palaamon will function as a marketplace across its two major use cases.

First, creators and owners of algorithms will be able to upload their code to Palaamon and be remunerated when a researcher uses that code.

The terms of the transaction will be individually governed by a smart contract entered into by both parties.

Conversely, researchers and reviewers will be able to upload datasets and then run algorithmic transforms – using leased code from the platform or their own upload.

The platform uses a pay-per-transaction fee structure which requires no long-term contract or bureaucratic red tape.

Users will simply be charged for time and data storage, and an additional fee for optional added service of detailed transform ledgers.

As is now familiar for tech startups, we are facilitating our crowdfunding with a pre-token that we are calling Palaamon crowdfunding smart contract (PALCFT).

The DLT crowdfunding phase will run for 6 months and all proceeds will go toward the development of the Platform and the ASMT. Following crowdfunding, Palaamon will be supported by an Analysis Software Market Token (ASMT).

Once the ASMT market is launched, after the end of the crowdfunding period, buyers of Palaamon crowdfunding tokens will get 2 ASMT for 1 crowdfunding token. They will be able to trade the token or use them on the ASMT market.

The Palaamon crowdfunding smart contract (PALCFT) as well as the ASMT smart contracts will run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Both tokens will be issued as fully-functional ERC777 tokens (currently the most advanced standard for fungible token) and thus fully compatible with ERC20.

An ICO, or initial coin offering, is a play on “IPO”, or initial public offering. Just as companies who want to debut on a public stock exchange settle on a date and hope that investors choose to buy their stock, so too now do startups who want to raise funds announce that they will be offering “coins” or tokens for a particular time period starting on a particular date.

The token is simply a marker or record of that investment, enshrined on a distributed ledger. Each startup produces a unique, branded token for its funding round.

Our crowdfunding effort is not an ICO, because we are not creating a new coin to be hoarded or traded and serve as an investment in and of itself. Rather, we have created a pre-token that functions as a contract or promise toward a future token that can be used on the Palaamon platform after launch.

Funds will be used to hire additional developers and support staff and specialized contractors.

Llama maintains a low operational overhead and its employees adhere to ethical, frugal, and non-wasteful practices.

The development of the Palaamon platform depends neither on the crowdfunding nor on the Token Market. It’s an open source product that we will continue to develop.

Nonetheless, the platform has developed as far as it can on a shoestring and requires an inflow of funds to enable Llaama to build a GxP compliant version of Palaamon.


Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) is a new domain and buying DLT tokens involves considerable risk.

Llaama SAS does not give any assurance of returns of benefit. There is no guarantee regarding the value of cryptocurrencies over time.

Any buyer of DLT tokens should do due diligence regarding risks before purchasing PALCFT. Amongst those are risks about keeping private keys, storing tokens in wallets, etc. We cannot give a complete list of the risks involved in acquiring PALCFT.

We can only urge potential contributors to consult their advisors before deciding to invest in PALCFT. Please refer to the Palaamon White Paper for additional cautions.

What is Compliance?

In general, compliance means conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law.

Regulatory compliance describes the goal that organizations aspire to achieve in their efforts to ensure that they are aware of and take steps to comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations.

Palaamon strives to support scientists and projects having to meet GxP-Compliance. GxP is a collection of quality guidelines and regulations created to ensure that medicinal products are safe, meet their intended use, and adhere to quality processes during development, manufacturing, control, storage, and distribution.

As such GxP is an abbreviation which is common in the regulated bio/pharmaceutical industry. It stands for Good Practice with the “x” being a place holder either for C=Clinical, L=Laboratory, M=Manufacturing or D=Distribution.

Palaamon has been developed with the regulated biotech and pharmaceutical R&D sector in mind.

The applied technology inherently implies data integrity and protection as well as full traceability and auditability on every level for the audience intended to be shared with.

More on the topic of GxP Compliance in regards to Palaamon can be found in the Palaamon one-page-GxP-Compliance document.

By providing tamper-free data across a distributed ledger network and a platform for reproducibility of complex data analysis processes, Palaamon can help speed up the entire process, from conception to regulatory approval and deployment in the market.

Sometimes this is for collaboration with other scientists around the world. Sometimes it’s to allow investors to track progress. And often it’s so that government regulators can keep a close eye on progress.

Although distributed ledgers are still considered emerging technologies and thus there are no specific regulations about it yet, the value of tamper free data and cost saving processes is potentially enormous.

The development of Palaamon has an integrated quality road map. It starts by deploying only with partners that fully comply with applicable security standards such as GDPR, HIPPA as well as SOC2 and ISO 27001.

The Quality Road Map is based on a detailed risk assessment which is regularly reviewed and updated. Milestones include regression tests for every major release, validation protocols to support  the requirements of FDA, EMA and eventually a fully compliant and auditable Quality Management System.

Details can be found in the Palaamon GxP-Compliance one pager.